Sales & Marketing

Everyone is in sales. It's the only way we stay in business

Sales and marketing is the area of business where competition between companies is perhaps most tangible. To generate robust and steady revenue growth, a company must sell, and to sell, a company must set themselves apart from the rest. Turning a profit today and laying the groundwork for future financial health are equally important, but not easy to do concurrently.

Sales and marketing leaders must do more than build brands and target prospects. Success in marketing requires continually developing new skills as new media solutions continuously evolve. Becoming familiar with new markets without losing site of existing ones is paramount, as well as embracing cultural shifts that demand–and reward–adaptability.

The role of Sales & Marketing executives is clearly constantly evolving. Here at Embarc we now seek candidates who can assume more responsibility for leadership and organizational growth. Top Sales & Marketing talent, now need to obtain exposure to international markets as well as take responsibility for leading and motivating teams when moving up from single contribution roles.

Our marketing and sales recruiters are selected for for their unparalleled staffing knowledge to assist all types of hiring challenges in sales and marketing executive search. We are a leader in doing so for the past decade, in highly technical and professional sales roles as well as competitive candidates in brokerage or selling of financial instruments.

For the past decade our marketing and sales recruiters have been notable leaders in executive search for everything from account management to marketing jobs. Irrespective of size or scope and without exception, our marketing and sales recruiters provide an unrelenting work ethic for both candidates and clients.