Engineering (IT Tech)

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic - Arthur C Clarke

The internet’s primary function was about communication and the display of information. It’s first subsequent transformation came about through e-commerce during the dot-com boom through early successes such as Amazon and eBay. Today we find technology now touches tangible products and services that seemingly have nothing to do with the web through the ‘internet of things’.

Information technology now plays a key role in the management and upkeep of huge amounts of information known as Big Data. Data is increasingly among a company’s largest assets and can also be sensitive to liabilities in terms of storage and security. As the pace of business speeds up, upgraded hardware and software solutions become increasingly more powerful and complex.

Cloud Infrastructure & Services, Applications, Security, Big Data and Mobility are relentlessly transforming the Information Technology sector and life itself. Hong Kong’s financial focus often requires in-house professionals to create bespoke solutions that are time sensitive and require close attention to security and storage privacy issues.

At Embarc our executive search and recruitment consultants specialize in sourcing Bilingual Information Technology professionals. Our client base includes financial institutions, major international banks, hardware vendors, multinationals and software providers that work on a range of permanent and contract positions in everything from enterprise resource planning to data analytics. We work with brand name software vendors using Integration professionals who are seasoned at IT consulting. Our Cloud Computing Network and Infrastructure clients and candidates are increasingly paving the way to a transformative world of information technology built with hard semiconductors, dazzlingly complex software solutions and the brightest of intellectual thinking.

We understand that building the right IT team is critical to a company's immediate operations, as well as its long-term viability.

We understand that in Information Technology recruiting, perhaps more than any other industry, time and delivery solutions quality is essential. IT departments and technology providers looking for the industry’s best, work with our seasoned technology consultants to define a clear brief that sources the kind of experienced professionals who have been tested and proven to finish the job on time, within budget while collaboratively with all the stakeholders of any given project.

Embarc has a deep understanding of IT professional’s personality traits and we factor these into our selection process. We know the difference and the value between technologists who can’t sell and sales professionals who are fluent in the language of technology. Getting the right expertise saves time and allows all to flourish.

At Embarc our consultants source, consult with and introduce the very best Bilingual Sales, Marketing and Engineering talent for all major technology areas, including: Cloud Infrastructure & Services, Application Services, ERP Functional/Consulting, System Integration, Consulting Services, Professional Services, Big Data, Mobility, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Software.