The Embarc Story

Timing is everything

Financial & Technology Recruitment


Embarc Hong Kong was forged in the economic crisis of 2008. Our financial focus coupled with our extensive technology expertise created an unexpected opportunity for us to build on our experience in a swiftly depreciating market. Unlike many other recruitment companies Embarc's understanding of human capital, applied across the full spectrum of rapidly changing technology drivers, has enabled us to survive within a complex area of disparate but closely interlinked disciplines of IT within, across and outside the Financial Industry.

With a financial and technology recruitment focus as our areas of expertise, our technology credentials really helped us to see out the financial crisis of 2008, and we now specialise in those two areas but with an overlap where technology meets finance (such as Tax Technology Services), from detail oriented in house developers to analysts of all shapes and sizes to people oriented sales account managers.

Here at Embarc we currently offer a flexible range of recruiting solutions to a tight knit client base in the public, and private sectors, from leading Fortune 100 multinational corporations, to cutting-edge startups and Blue Chip financial institutions in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. We feel we are detail oriented, delivery focused and nice to work with. We are a little bit obsessed with technology and have our own proprietary candidate and client software solution that demonstrates to our clients that we invest in the same technology and expertise as the talent we source, and clients we work with.

Our consultants have industry-specific experience, which means we talk the same language as you in order to find the talent you require. Embarc are well acquainted with leading professionals in the industries we serve, and often become aware of opportunities for clients and candidates before they are made public.